For schools, we offer a fully-integrated series of lectures and seminars over the course of one year, covering all aspects of the US admissions process from choosing a college to making an application.

Our aim is to provide a school and its’ students with a comprehensive and holistic approach to their admissions process, essential, accurate information, opportunity for inspiration, and a chance to do something different with their education. We tailor our program to meet the needs of the school and its’ students, aspiring to improve the quality of and access to accurate advice on higher education where possible.

We work to ensure students receive the fullest picture of admissions with real insight into how they can navigate their futures.

Lecture 1

Introduction to the US Admissions Landscape: Processes, Systems, & Requirements.

Lecture 2

Studying in the US: Beginning College Research, and Building your Application Profile.

Lecture 3

Application 101: Developing your College List and Application Strategy.

Lecture 4

Creative Writing Workshop: Narratives, Stories, and Essays

Lecture 5

Final Applications: Strategy, Deadlines, and Individual College Supplements.

Lecture 6

College Choices, Accepting Offers, Visas, & Next Steps for Enrolment.

To ensure students and teachers get the most out of this program, our lectures and workshops are supplemented by five individual student one-to-one sessions throughout the year and can also include one small group seminars for teachers. Our program can be adjusted and adapted where possible to meet the needs of your school timetable, needs, and resources.

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