From an initial conversation to continuous personalised advice, our educational services support students throughout their admissions journey.

University in the US has become synonymous with world-renowned education, the liberal arts philosophy, and extensive possibility in an undergraduate career and beyond. Yet the possibilities and opportunities don’t stop here; the UK and Canada have between them some of the best universities in the world. We are extremely proud of our role in helping talented students navigate the US, UK, and Canadian admissions processes in order to gain admission to the most prestigious institutions. Most importantly, we are focused on finding the right ’fit’ of university for each unique student.

We work to ensure students and families receive the fullest picture of admissions with real insight into how they can navigate their futures, guiding them through the whole admissions process, which includes:


We guide the student in producing the strongest applications possible, reviewing and supervising their whole admissions process.

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We focus on ‘fit’ of college academics, community, and future alumni networks to ensure a student gets the most out of their experience.

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& Art Support

While we will never write an essay for a student, we provide continuous guidance on the crafting of personal and supplemental essays.

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We can arrange private college and university visits, with the help of our network of past and current Heads of Admissions.

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& Support

We work with the student to support and recommend choices of academic and extra-curricular initiatives that are likely to strengthen their applications.

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Testing Preparation

We provide our own general strategies on SAT/ACT tuition and work with specialised US partners to provide the most effective preparation programs.

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Applications to
Oxbridge & the UK

We can also guide the student through the UK admissions process, using a unique combination of UK specialist support.

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to Canada

We can also support the student in navigating the Canadian admissions process, from choosing a university to making an application.

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