A focused programme that takes a student from course and university selection to application submission and beyond.

Application Guidance

We guide students through each component of their application. We monitor deadlines, highlight additional components, suggest wider reading, and overall ensure that a student’s application is successfully aligned to their chosen course of study.

Course & University Selection

We work closely with students to discuss, compare, and contrast courses. We support them in choosing their five universities, ensuring they pay close attention to course content, entry requirements, and graduate success.

Personal Statement Writing

We ensure any personal statement is fully aligned to a student’s chosen course. We also support students with any required additional or supplemental writing pieces once the application has been submitted.

Application Review

The final component is ensuring a student’s application is reviewed by UK undergraduate degree specialists, including course-specific tutors, admissions teams, and school representatives where possible.

Oxford & Cambridge Applications

Recognised as world-leaders in teaching, research, and academic excellence, both Oxford and Cambridge are life-changing university experiences. Through our collective experience, we help students navigate the very many ‘unwritten rules’ of Oxbridge admission.

University & College Choice

We work with students to explore the differences between the two universities, including comparing course offerings, entry requirements, college options, student life, and graduate possibilities. We also discuss college choice and support students in understanding the differences between colleges, looking specifically at how they shape an educational experience.

Entrance Assessments

Students may need to take additional assessments, either before submitting their application or during the selection process. We provide general advice regarding these components, but work with Oxbridge specialists as well.

Interview Preparation

We have a library of supportive materials to prepare students for interview. Where necessary and where specific subject knowledge is essential, we can also involve subject and Oxbridge specialists as well as experienced advisors.

Medical Applications

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading medical schools and teaching hospitals. The broad demands of the medical profession are embodied in the multivariate and complex application process.

Application Guidance

We offer a comprehensive range of support for undergraduate applicants to UK medical schools. From application strategy and facilitating work experience, to arranging specialist support for both admissions tests and interview preparation, our process is designed to both help students to properly attend to all aspects of the application, while also retaining an awareness of the importance of good decision-making in maximising chances of admissions.

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