A holistic programme that takes a student from college selection to application submission and beyond.

Application Guidance

We work to ensure students and families receive the fullest picture of admissions with real insight into how they can navigate their futures. We guide the student in producing the strongest applications possible. By supervising each component of an application, liaising with family and school, we ensure that an application is successfully aligned to each college’s institutional priorities and the student’s strengths.

College Selection

We conduct continuous consultations to help a family decide on suitable colleges and build a list which truly fits the student and their goals.

Writing Support

We provide continuous guidance on the crafting of personal and supplemental essays through individual writing support as well as group workshops.

Application Review

The final component is ensuring a student’s application is reviewed by experienced US admissions representatives, including former heads of admissions, where possible.

SAT & ACT Testing

We provide our own general strategies on SAT/ACT tuition, and work with specialised US partners to provide the most effective test preparation programmes.

College Campus Visits

We can arrange for private or accompanied college and university visits, and our network of past and current Heads of Admissions enables us to present the very essence of a college community to a student and their family.

Sport, Art, & Music Support

We guide students and families through sports and sports scholarship pathways. We also work with specialist art professionals and former professors to help students develop artistic portfolios in film, fine art, dance, music and theatre.

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