As students look to gain a more global education, we look to help them navigate more diverse application processes.

European Application Services

Europe is becoming an increasingly popular destination for undergraduate applications. With 4000 universities in 30 countries specialising in arts and humanities to business and economics to engineering and technology, it is evident why Europe can be a very good option for many students.

Application Guidance

We provide students with a plethora of support in researching and applying to universities across Europe, and our expertise enables students to identify universities and courses that align with not only their academic interest but career aspirations as well. Where necessary, we can also involve country-specific specialist tutors as well as experienced advisors to provide expertise in preparing for these applications.

Canadian Application Services

Considered one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world, Canada is quickly becoming a top destination for undergraduate students looking for a highly regarded education, varied opportunities, and welcoming communities.

Application Guidance

We support students in navigating the unique Canadian university process, from choosing a course, to exploring provinces and universities, to navigating the different application systems, to writing essays where applicable. Through a combination of support from specialists and education professionals, we ensure eyes are opened to the higher education opportunities in Canada.

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