Brian K. Smith

Brian K.

Senior Educational Advisor

A long-time admissions professional, Brian K. Smith began his college admission career immediately after graduating from college, working as an admissions officer at several universities. Wanting to make a bigger impact in the world of college admissions and to work more intimately with students and families as they traversed the university admissions process, Brian decided to work in the secondary school sector. In doing so, he has served as a College Counsellor since 2009 working at several of the most elite private schools, including Marlborough School, Memphis University School, and Baylor School, in the United States. A regular presenter at regional and national admissions conferences, Brian has built strong relationships with numerous college admission professionals and is highly respected by both the university and school admissions communities. Brian is truly dedicated to finding the ‘right fit school’ for his students and making the college admissions process as seamless and stress free as possible.