Henry Scott, Senior Educational Advisor


Senior Educational Advisor

As a former trainer of Education USA educational advisors, Henry has extraordinary knowledge of what it means to advise students on their US university applications. As part of the Moscow Education USA Educational Advising Center, Henry often conducted group and individual advising seminars for students, developing his unique ability to understand and communicate with students from Russian and other former Soviet education systems. His further experience as the Moscow-based representative for the U.S./Russia Presidential High School Academic Partnership Program and representative to the Russian State Committee on Higher Education and Moscow Board of Education demonstrates his long-standing commitment to education. In addition to his work overseas in educational advising and the non-profit sector (Institute of International Education, International Research & Exchanges Board, and American Councils), Henry also holds a BA in Russian Studies from James Madison University and worked for the U.S. Department of State for 22 years specialising in educational, professional and cultural exchanges for international citizens.