Applying to the US is becoming more and more competitive every year.

Universities will expect students to not only have an exceptional academic record, but an interesting and unique student profile which shows passion, initiative, leadership, and in-depth to commitment to extra-curricular interests and projects. Students need to be proactive, involved, and organised both inside and outside of school, especially when it comes to their college applications.

It is essential that every college application is also carefully aligned to match each university’s current priorities as well as each student’s character, aptitude, and aspirations. While university personalities, application systems, and admission priorities shift over time, the student must remain at the heart of their application in order for them to be successful and happy in the future.

A child’s future is too important to be put into the hands of amateurs.

Many applications are convincing to the untrained eye, but the subtleties of presenting a student to an admissions team requires specialised and tailored guidance.

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