Each year
over the last two decades,

our team has successfully guided applicants to gain admission to the leading institutions in the US, UK, and Canada, including Oxbridge and the Ivy League schools. Most importantly, our team consistently combines expert advice with genuine care so that we can successfully support students and families in finding the right ‘fit’ of university. Our shared goal is for students to begin their futures the way they want to.


From an initial conversation to continuous personalised advice, our educational services support students throughout their admissions journey.

Our Schools

For schools, we offer a fully-integrated series of lectures and seminars over the course of one year, covering all aspects of the US admissions process from choosing a college to making an application.


Applying to the US is becoming more and more competitive every year. The subtleties of presenting a student to an admissions team now require specialised and tailored guidance.

Our Team

While we have an unrivalled track record as an educational consultancy, we have taken an enormous amount of time and care to create a fully integrated partnership with some of the world’s leading consultants at the core of our service. Our shared success is the result of three inputs:

  1. We are educators first and foremost; we tailor our programs to fit the student, putting their future success and happiness first.
  2. We have a unique understanding of the importance of ‘fit’, of the US admissions landscape, and of individual institutional priorities.
  3. Our students are proactive, dedicated, creative, and passionate individuals, focused on making the most of their education.

We’re committed to making a difference to the future happiness and success of our students.

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