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Our Fully-Integrated US Application Service

Guiding students holistically from college selection to application submission.

Our Fully-Integrated UK Application Service

Guiding students from course & university selection to application submission.

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Include postgraduate university admissions guidance, as well as our Young Years Programme.

US, UK, Europe, Canada & Beyond:
Making Your Decision

With so many options available to students across the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, and more generally worldwide, choosing between different education systems has never been more challenging.

The US education system is grounded in breadth of study. Students are encouraged to think widely and deeply before specialising, studying a combination of the sciences, humanities, and the arts. In contrast, the UK and European education systems require students to specialise in a particular field at the time of application. The Canadian education system often bridges the gap between these education systems and more and more universities across the world are offering combinations of these systems.

Choosing the right education system is all about considering a combination of academic interests, future goals, and career prospects. When this process is done over a number of years, with proactivity from the student, advice from education professionals, and support from family members, students can easily find the right place for them.

Why Study in the US?

The US has become a true destination for international students and there are considerable advantages to studying in the US, not least because of their broad liberal arts curriculum. Students use their time at university to discover their passion through their major and uncover new ideas through their additional electives and core requirements. Students graduate as flexible, adaptable, and passionate individuals with skills that transcend careers.

Students studying in the US benefit from a vibrant combination of college-supported work experience, access to professors and advisors, and a variety of extra-curricular, sporting, and volunteering activities. After graduating, students belong to a unique global alumni network, a life-long opportunity for career progress.

  • Hundreds of exceptional universities and colleges.
  • Broad liberal arts curriculum produces flexible, adaptable graduates.
  • Fantastic resources to support learning, sports, arts, and social life.
  • Strong college communities which create powerful social and commercial networks across the world.

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