Educators first and foremost,

Banyan Educational Consultancy is passionate about higher education. Our focus is supporting students and their families navigate US, UK, and Canadian university admissions processes, ensuring each unique student finds the right ‘fit’ of university or college for them.
By tailoring our programs and working individually with each student, family, or school we ensure the most pertinent and valuable information and advice is shared with each. Our small team is comprised of highly specialised and compassionate individuals who, for the last twenty years, have successfully guided students towards gaining admission to many leading institutions across the world, including the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities.

We’re committed to making a difference to higher education and the future happiness and success of our students.

Why ‘Banyan’?

Rooted in enlightenment, belief, and everlasting life, the banyan tree is seen as symbolic across the world; indeed, it is believed that Buddha himself found enlightenment under it. Fig trees are themselves also restorative, germinating across diverse environments and constantly supporting life. The banyan fig tree has special roots which descend from its branches, anchoring the tree to the ground creating a continuous cycle of germination; a beautiful metaphor, in our opinion, for education. It is this constant flow of growth, enlightenment, and transformation which underpins our education philosophy.

Banyan Tree

Banyan tree, Honolulu.

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